Please Stop Wanting to Become Models

You  can’t go on a model confessions blog without seeing an anonymous person ask, could I be a model? The reply to that question is usually go and ask a professional in the industry for their opinion. Many girls look to models as deities. Models are beautiful, get to see the world, and constantly receive free clothing. So, why would anyone not want to be a model?

What these girls don’t realize is that models are replaceable. Most models only last a few seasons, because the industry is always on the hunt for young girls. Once you start getting older the less work you get, unless you end up being a Kate Moss or Naomi Campbell (which is unlikely). The fashion industry is  just as quick to praise you, as they are to decide that you are no longer the it girl.

Don’t fret though! Yes, modelling isn’t for everyone. But there are still ways of being in the glamorous fashion industry. You could be an Editor-in-Chief of a magazine, like Anna Wintour. Or you could be a fashion critic, like Cathy Horyn. Careers like these are not only ones that obtain respect and authority from the industry, but also last for many, many years. Wintour has held the Editor-in-Chief position at American Vogue since 1988. While Horyn has been the lead fashion critic at the New York Times since 1999.

It appears from far away that modelling brings you into a world that is full of lavish and exciting things. But when one examines with a closer look, you’ll observe that modelling can be a demanding job. With all of the constant travelling for photo shoots and fashion shows that is enough to wear a person down, and not to mention your job as a model is never guaranteed.

To those girls out there that desperately want to be models: please stop and truly think about it. Do you have what it takes (the height, the weight, and the look)? Can you handle that after a few years you may be out of a job, because someone younger, thinner, and prettier than you has come along? Think about what it would mean to have a career in the industry. A career where you have longevity and high regard, and aren’t just seen as another pretty face who is replaceable.


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