The Clothing of the Emotional

Chanel Boutique in Paris

Chanel Boutique in Paris.

Yesterday I went out with a friend and I had intended for the both of us to go to look at high end clothing shops. Basically, I wanted to window shop, and he wanted to do something else. I kept asking him, “But don’t you want to see Chanel”? I thought surely he would reply and say yes all while having a smile on his face, since he is a fan of Karl Lagerfeld. However, he just gave me a grim look, and scoffed. A few minutes went by and I decided to switch up my approach instead of asking him did he want to see Chanel, I asked did he want to see Prada. After all, Prada has women and menswear, so it’d be something we both could look at. Once again, my friend showed a disinterest in my question, and I realized that we were not going to look at any high end clothes.

While we were crossing the street, my friend turned to me and said something I had never thought about before. Something involving clothing and my emotions towards them. He remarked, “It’s like you have some emotional attachment to clothes.” I didn’t respond to the remark, because I was caught off guard and couldn’t form any words to make a rebuttal. However, the more I thought about it, I realized he was right.

Prada Boutique in Milan.

Prada Boutique in Milan.

For me, clothing is not merely just something to put on your body and not think about it. Clothing allows one to have a sense of identity. Clothing grants you the freedom of expression that you desire. Clothing enables you to be apart of a community, like a style tribe. Also, clothing can represent who you are as a person and what you want to say to the world.

Window shopping, or looking at beautiful clothing that you cannot afford, is another thing that creates desire. It allows the window shopper to be taken into a dream world, a fantasy, and become anything you want. For me, sometimes looking at the clothing in the store and how it’s displayed gives me inspiration and lets me see creativity at its finest. I enjoy looking at the clothes. I’ll notice a garment in a store that I’ve seen on the runway or in a magazine editorial, and that is inspiring for me, because seeing those clothes helps me to imagine how I could possibly style them in advertisement or editorial for some glossy magazine.

So, I have to admit, I do have an emotional attachment to clothes and shopping boutiques. I don’t see those garments and stores as a way to show off ones wealth or status. I see them as a way to dream and allow your creativity to be endless. It’s a way to remove yourself from the banality and blandness of the world, and to create and be daring.


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