YSL ad Banned by Advertising Watchdog Group

YSL’s most recent ad has been banned by a UK advertising watchdog group. The reason for the ad being banned was that the model in said ad looked “unhealthily underweight.” Apparently, the ad was featured in the UK edition of Elle magazine.

YSL banned ad.

YSL banned ad.

In the ad the models rib cage is visible and her legs appear to be very thin. A reader of Elle brought this to the attention of the UK watchdog agency. Yves Saint Laurent did not provide a reason for their use of the model, but did say that they did not agree with the notion that the model is too thin and did not see anything wrong with the advertisement.

Models that are too thin is not something new the fashion industry has to deal with. The industry has been scrutinized for many years for its use of incredibly thin models. Dating back to the early 90s when Kate Moss came on the scene and glamorized the heroin chic look. Arguably, models have been thin going as far back as the 60s when models like Twiggy, Donyale Luna, and Penelope Tree were in demand.

However, modeling agencies need to do a better job making sure their models are healthy and not too thin. Brands and fashion houses must do a better job when picking models to represent them in an advertisement. If the brand/house demands that the model looks healthier then the agency has no choice, but to keep a watchful eye on their model making sure they eat nutritiously. This is a cycle that could very well end soon. If everyone (agencies, designers, editors, photographers) all demanded a change then there would be very few complaints about models being too thin.

It’s 2015 and it feels like “the-models-are-too-thin” mantra has been repeated one too many times.The industry needs to make stricter guidelines and everyone must follow them.


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