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Vetements: Something New

Paris fashion has not seen an anti-establishment brand in years, perhaps decades even. Paris Fashion Week is typically dominated by major fashion institutions such as: Dior, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton. So when the design collective Vetements (meaning clothes in French), lead by Demna Gvasalia, began garnering attention it was a shock to the system. Continue reading


Versace Enters the Space Age

wp-1453142338722.jpgModels ran out in glow-in-the-dark pants and hoodies, as if they were on a mission. The mission was to be as attention grabbing as possible. The mission worked, because this was definitely Versace’s biggest spectacle in a long time.

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The Clothing of the Emotional

Chanel Boutique in Paris

Chanel Boutique in Paris.

Yesterday I went out with a friend and I had intended for the both of us to go to look at high end clothing shops. Basically, I wanted to window shop, and he wanted to do something else. I kept asking him, “But don’t you want to see Chanel”? I thought surely he would reply and say yes all while having a smile on his face, since he is a fan of Karl Lagerfeld. However, he just gave me a grim look, and scoffed. A few minutes went by and I decided to switch up my approach instead of asking him did he want to see Chanel, I asked did he want to see Prada. After all, Prada has women and menswear, so it’d be something we both could look at. Once again, my friend showed a disinterest in my question, and I realized that we were not going to look at any high end clothes. Continue reading