A New Crop of Models has the Established Worried.

I came across a somewhat recent article written about a new crop of models called “Instagirls.” Instagirls are models that have become famous through social media such as Instagram. Models like, Cara Delevingne, Kendall Jenner (although, she was famous before Instagram due to her family), Jourdan Dunn, Joan Smalls, and Karlie Kloss to name a few. These girls have such a high follower count on social media that it makes them easier to market and more profitable. Continue reading


YSL ad Banned by Advertising Watchdog Group

YSL’s most recent ad has been banned by a UK advertising watchdog group. The reason for the ad being banned was that the model in said ad looked “unhealthily underweight.” Apparently, the ad was featured in the UK edition of Elle magazine. Continue reading

In the age of Look-At-Me narcissism, is it possible to have a designer who can reject that?

We live in a world where everyone wants attention on themselves. People tweet tweets, post instagrams, upload videos, and change statuses just about every second of the day. It’s no surprise that designers are now expected to do the same. To be a designer in today’s fashion world is not as simple as it once was. It is not only about the garments that are being made. To be a designer in 2015 you have to be interesting and capture the attention of not only your customer, but, arguably, the world. That is why most designers have an instagram account where people can look at the pictures of said designers, and by doing this you feel like you somewhat know the designer. Or you at least get a better idea of who the designer is and what they like. Continue reading

Confessions of a Hoarder: Fashion Magazine Edition

A snapshot of some of the fashion magazines I own.

A snapshot of some of the fashion magazines I own.

The last time I bought magazines, I said to myself, “This will be the last time I buy magazines for awhile.” Obviously, I lied to myself, because I just bought more magazines. I went to CityNewsstand  with the intention of only buying one magazine. The magazine I wanted was this years May edition of Vogue Italia with cover model Kayla Scott, and shot by the iconic Steven Meisel. I went into CityNewsstand like a child at Disney World. My eyes lit up. It was like I had died an gone into fashion publication heaven. Continue reading

The Clothing of the Emotional

Chanel Boutique in Paris

Chanel Boutique in Paris.

Yesterday I went out with a friend and I had intended for the both of us to go to look at high end clothing shops. Basically, I wanted to window shop, and he wanted to do something else. I kept asking him, “But don’t you want to see Chanel”? I thought surely he would reply and say yes all while having a smile on his face, since he is a fan of Karl Lagerfeld. However, he just gave me a grim look, and scoffed. A few minutes went by and I decided to switch up my approach instead of asking him did he want to see Chanel, I asked did he want to see Prada. After all, Prada has women and menswear, so it’d be something we both could look at. Once again, my friend showed a disinterest in my question, and I realized that we were not going to look at any high end clothes. Continue reading

Please Stop Wanting to Become Models

You  can’t go on a model confessions blog without seeing an anonymous person ask, could I be a model? The reply to that question is usually go and ask a professional in the industry for their opinion. Many girls look to models as deities. Models are beautiful, get to see the world, and constantly receive free clothing. So, why would anyone not want to be a model? Continue reading